I had the wonderful opportunity to attend and graduate a year ahead of schedule from Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI). I received my BA from Purdue in Computer Graphics Technology. During my time there, I was able to gain significant knowledge about graphic design and marketing; mainly, learning the necessary software, as well as design techniques and principles. While I took many classes and created countless projects and pieces, below are some of the ones that I am most proud of, and that give you the best representation of what I worked on.


This documentary was not only my favorite school project I did, but it is also my favorite project I've ever done period. For the assignment, I was tasked with creating a 5 minute documentary on someone or something. I chose to do one on my local fire department in my town. Once I created a shot list and a list of questions to ask the interviewee, I went to the fire department and shot B roll. I then filmed the interview and took more footage after. I did all of the editing and video production in Premier Pro and After Effects. The reason I enjoyed this project so much was because of the planning it took, as well as the attention to detail during the editing process. This documentary was a large task and I got a lot of gratification from working on it. 


One of the most common projects I had throughout a lot of my classes was to create vector illustrations. These tended to be some of my favorite projects, as it allowed me to have a lot of creativity while staying within the parameters of the assignment. Below are several examples of illustrations I did for various assignments over the years while at school. 


Hot Sauce Company


For the final project in one of my design classes as a freshman, our class was tasked to group up together and create an advertising campaign and rebrand a fake hot sauce company. 

There were four people in my group including myself. My tasks were to create the overall layout and design of the label, as well as the image of the bottle that you see here. Additionally, I was the one who put together the market research and strategic plan in the PowerPoint, as well as creating the PowerPoint slides. 


Throughout my time at college, I had a several classes that taught me web design, both principles and actually building out websites. The professors would often walk us through how to set up the website, usually either in Wordpress or Adobe XD. If it required it, they would help us set up the domain name and server as well. It would be up to us students to then design out the site, from pages, menu bars, logos etc. Below is an example of a web design class I had. 

This assignment as part of my Principles in Design class was to create a website using WordPress for a fake pizza website. 

My professor for the class provided all of the text content to be used; my job was to find a theme for the site and to find images and create a logo. What you see are screenshots of each page, or parts of pages of what I created. Below is the logo I created for the site as well.